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Day 19 – Tehachapi

From the bridge on the aquaduct it was 24 Miles to town where I needed a 5 day resupply. It started cold and windy but soon grew hot and windy. Wind turbines were everywhere and with the hills for the day over, there ran the last nine miles down the gentle sloping hill. At the bottom, the hitch onto town could not have been easier and I was quickly at Wits End, a support and feathering spot for hikers. Interestingly, it is owned and run by Dalton who mentioned the idea in 2016. It was pretty neat to see his dream come true. In the spot was a hiker who had bought too much food, so being thrifty and budget conscious, I took most of the leftovers to create my resupply. Then it was back to the trail to sleep at Willow Springs Road and continue on early.

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