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Day 194 – Mogollon Rim

My legs were especially stiff when I woke up. After nearly 80 miles over the last two days I was feeling worn out. 40 mile days were the norm and didn’t seem so tough during that the summer, but with the shortened days and the toll of a few thousand miles, the 40 mile mark is hard to achieve. Today I as beautiful. I climbed through pine forests with a sweeping view of the Mongollon Rim high above to my left. The temperature has noticeable dropped too. I might have to start hiking in Long Johns again. While turning one corner today I saw a mountain biker crash. I asked if he was ok, but all I got was an embarrassed response. I wasn’t as fast as previous days, and required too many breaks, but it was a beautiful day of hiking unlike what you would expect in Arizona. I hiked through old battlefields of the fight between the Apaches and the US and even an old cabin (General Springs Cabin). I have entered the land of elk again and while setting up camp I can hear hem bugling in the distance.

Miles 33

Total miles 6389

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