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Day 197 – Flagstaff

I opted to sleep under the stars and woke up to a sleeping bag covered in condensation. It was damp to the touch. I packed up the wet bag and started hiking. Once again the day was largely flat, cold and windy. As I neared the city I started to see lots of people and dogs enjoying the trails. I think the high for the day was around 40 degrees. Once in flagstaff I satisfied a recent craving for a coke. After that I did a quick resupply and got a shower and laundry done for the first time in 11 days. My clothes had grown somewhat stiff and gross throughout the climb from the Sonoran desert floor to the high altitudes of northern arizona. When all my chores were done, I went to a local brewery and got a beer and watched football. It was a relaxing afternoon and a bit of a short break but I will get back at it tomorrow.

Miles 19

Total miles 6477

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