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Day 2 in Arizona

There are three reasons I am spending these days leading up with only record attempt in Arizona. First, I need to get used to the warmer weather and sun exposure. After a winter spend in a mountain town, the peak temperature I’ve seen since December (in LA) is 45 degrees. Second, to learn the portion of the trail I have not traveled before. Minus the most northern 25 miles I have hiked the entire Arizona Trail with the exception of the southernmost 200 Miles. After arriving in Tucson, I figured hiking these miles before I started would be my best option. The third reason to spend these days in Arizona is to prepare my body physically and mentally as well as assure I am happy with my gear choices.

I slept in late into the morning but felt good for my first true training day and I began the ascent up Mt. Lemon. Contrary to some of the rumors, these was very little snow and it was easily navigable. I walked by Somerhaven general store and bought some benedryl as it had somehow been neglected in the packing stage and I am allergic to bees. From there I dropped down into Sycamore canyon to close out a 30 miles days with 5500’ in elevation gain. A good start to my training.

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