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Day 204 -Rugged Roads

Sunrise was at 7:09 and it was still in the low 20s when the sun poked its head over the horizon. There are maybe 7 hours a day in which it is comfortable to hike and other than that, extra layers are necessary. I only saw 3 cars all day but their timing was impeccable. I saw two of them when I was going to the bathroom, and the third when I was out of water. The third vehicle, full of hunters pulled over and gave me enough water to make it to the highway. Seven miles later I joined Route 66 and walked a mile into a tiny town. The mile into town is one I would have to make up on the way out of town. I planned to spend an hour in town, hopefully charging up my phone and battery pack, but I wasn’t really into all the corny tourist Route 66 decorations and left town after a quick resupply. I hopped a fence and slept in a cow pasture for the evening.

Miles 38

Total miles 6722

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