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Day 21 – Fog

First off, I have been enjoying my journey immensely and have been staying off my phone the majority of the day which means I have been slow to read comments and have missed double checking that titles are in place and posts are free of typos. But I love being in nature and I hope you can look beyond some of the mistakes that come with typing things all on a phone.

Waking up with condensation on the sleeping bag and backpack are not the best way to start the morning. But, with no sin to dry things out and only a thick fog, it was time to pack up and hike. Early on, the views were few and far between. Fog clung to the hills as if it were a horror film and the wind ripped over the ridges. But nearly as quickly as it rolled in, after climbing over a final ridge it was gone and back to the hot desert. Pine trees were replaced with Joshua trees and dirt with the messy desert sand. There were only a couple water sources for the day, reminding me of the troubles of the Sonoran Desert, but on the Pacific Crest Trail there was little to worry about. Little to worry about until rogue cows gave chase at the end of the day. It was laughable, but somewhat unique to see them give a half hearted Chass. Another 32 mile day and I somehow found refuge from the wind for the night.

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