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Day 22 – Sierra Prep

Within the week I will be in the heart of the High Sierra in the very early season and without cell service. My mileage has slowed slightly the last 3 days since there is no rush to get into mountains in which nothing is open. Today the plan was to try to figure out a plan to get through them. 10 miles into a sandy walk across the desert there was a tent set up to give hikers trail magic and they even had what I wanted: info on the Sierra. While drinking a soda I looked through a binder they had put together with pictures of people who have been up there, and even more importantly they had info on when each of the amenities is opening. My initial plan was to hike to Reds Meadow and take the shuttle down to Mammoth Lakes. But the shuttle is closed. My plan morphed to walking through to Tuolomne Meadows, but the post office and store won’t be open in time. So I have settled on the fact I will need to log 6+ bonus miles on a side trail and hitch to Mammoth Lakes in order to resupply. The day closed fueled by caffeine and lots of doubts on how much food I can carry from Kennedy Meadows and how far it will get me. The plan is to get into the Sierra in two days. Last time I had a similar plan to this I had some dizzy spells from a calorie deficit, but this time I know what I’m dealing with. It should be fun.

Miles today 31

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