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Day 24 – Kennedy Meadows

After an up and down day wandering through the monotonous hills that lead up the the Sierra, I arrived at Kennedy Meadows. It was a day with a late start and few breaks and the 30 Miles were complete by 5. The breaks I did take were to try to alleviate the pain and pressure on my left big toe that has been causing me issues. Issues that are not blister related, but something that started with a cut and skin irritation and I am trying to prevent from leading to something more serious. In my mind Kennedy Meadows is the end of the desert and the beginning of the challenges of high passes, snow and swollen creeks and rivers. These are the challenges I love most. The plan is to try to care for my foot tonight and evaluate it tomorrow morning to insure things are improving or at least not worsening before entering the remote landscape.

I will not have service to post updates the next few days, but will post about the experiences when I get service again and catch everything up to speed. After some consultation, I am planning on doing about 200 miles on one resupply over 7 high passes and then hike out to Mammoth Lakes since my other options seem to be closed this early in the season. I will schedule a couple posts in the coming days and I will catch y’all on the other side!

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