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Day 28 – Forester and Glen

It was time to begin the two pass days. With 13 miles to Forester Pass at over 13k feet and then another 13 Miles to Glen Pass at roughly 12k feet, but I was up for the challenge. Coffee was important to start the day. Then from Crabtree Meadow the challenge began. It was a tough push across the Forester snow field but I was on top by 11:30am. Clouds were rolling in, so after a quick picture it was down to Vidette Meadow. The descent was long and painful, full of postholing (sinking deeply into the snow) with every step. As soon as the trail was clear it began to climb again. The clouds were thick but not too threatening so I passed up the chance to exit at Kearsarge Pass to Onion valley. By then assign up the exit, I would be largely committed to the food I brought for the 220 mile section with Mt Whitney included. Rationing would not be a strong enough word to describe my eating habits. Hunger is a companion. Glen Pass was easy for a nearly 12k’ Pass. But the descent was slow and painful with postholing occurring passed Rae Lakes which are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I ended the day at a suspension bridge with some weekend hikers. They had extra food so I luckily got a second dinner. Hopefully I find more generous people because I am going to get very hungry at this rate. Two more passes planned for tomorrow. Hopefully I hold up.

Miles hiked: 33

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