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Day 34 – Walking on Granite

I’m tired and I’m writing this from a damp sleeping bag where the insulation is so clumped it’s no longer very warm. But I am making good progress and the snow today was largely absent compared to recent days. I woke up at the base of Donahue Pass with shoes so frozen solid my feet would not fit inside. The socks I had ended the day with were frozen solid as well and could have been used as swords. After thawing the shoes enough to wear, i began the ascent on the still frozen snow. It made the hiking quick and efficient compared to soft snow. After cresting the pass I dropped into Lyle Canyon and was soon in the Tuolomne Meadows portion of Yosemite. Tourists were everywhere but the store and amenities were still closed. I hiked on through clouds of mosquitos, on top of granite slabs. After the national park’s Glen Aulin campground the people disappeared and in their place were large streams and snow drifts to cross. After having dry feet all day, they ended the 36 mile Day cold and wet especially after one of the tougher crossings, Matterhorn Creek, occurring less than a mile from where I camped.

Miles hiked 36

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