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Day 36 – Sonora Pass

I woke up in the middle of the night covered in condensation. I had chosen to cowboy camp (camping under the stars) as opposed to in a tent. This is usually my preferred method. But it was either due to the nearby snow and lake or the lack of having a tree overhead that cause me and my sleeping bag to gain all the moisture. Either way I packed the wet bag in the cold and hiked by Dorothy Lake and Bond Pass. Both were covered in snow, but after dropping in elevation, the ground was clear until climbing on the ridge prior to Sonora Pass. I was stuck between hitching the 30 Miles to Bridgeport or continuing to push on. While I emptied my shoes of rocks, a father and his daughter asked me a few questions and then when they left I heard the daughter say, I want to do that when I’m older.” It brought a smile to my face. I passed up on the opportunity to resupply and will make this about 190 mile section with lots of snow and passes. Hopefully my food holds out.

Miles hiked 36

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