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Day 37 –

I didn’t know what to call today. As I lay here writing it I am very tired with quite a few bumps and bruises from the snow over the last 11 days. 11 days ago I was in the desert and hadn’t seen snow. Now I can’t forget it. In past 11 days I have done nearly all 30+ mile days through the snow and I can feel it. I love the challenge and the rawness that is facing terrain and elements with only what is on your back but I may need a couple shorter days and lots of food to recover a little. I began today tired and made a tired mistake. I left my second pair of socks laying right where I camped and didn’t realize it until 10 miles down the trail. Today was full of snow for the first half, through Ebbitts Pass. Then it cleared up considerably and I was able to log some quick miles, wielding only a single walking stick. It makes me feel like John Muir with his staff. I walked as late as I could, fueled only by meager rations. I am set up for a 23 mile day tomorrow to arrive at Echo Summit and a resupply in either Meyers or South Lake Tahoe. Then it’s on to Truckee.

Miles hiked 37

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