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Day 44 – The Feather River

Pollen is everywhere in the Southern Cascades. Views of Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen will soon be presenting themselves and I will be in the heart of a new mountain range. Deer are everywhere along the trail, seeing at least one every hour. The unique thing about this section of the trail is the grade. Compared to the already tame steepness of the Pacific Crest Trail, it is even more level here. That leads to a bit of frustration when 11 miles of slow uphill only lead to 3,000’ it vertical gain. The hills are more monotonous and than anything else. This is how the Feather River was. A nice slo drop down to the giant snow and steel bridge across it and then a 12 mile climb out. Mosquitos have taken the place of he snow and their high pitch whim sends me to swat all the air around my ears for to protect myself. The terrain is changing and so are the challenges.

Miles hiked: 35

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