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Day 45 -Belden Town

Mosquitos are awful out here, but since I am trying to ignore them, that is all they will get mentioned in this post. There is not much in this area of California, and Belden Town is included in that.After 17 Miles through the Spanish Peaks Wilderness with incredible views and vistas of the Sierra Nevadas behind and the Cascades ahead, it was all the motivation I needed. I ran down the 4,500’ descend and was in Belden With over 17 miles done before 11am. Unfortunately, despite what their sign said, the small store and restaurant did not open until noon according to the owner. It was already the beginning of a hot day, so I went and took a hippy bath in the Feather River. A beer and some fries at the store before it was time to continue on to my next resupply a bit over 40 Miles away in Chester. All the elevation and more I had lost coming into Belden, I gained in the first 11 Miles. It was a net zero day.

Miles hiked: 30

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