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Day 47 – Chester

It was a quiet morning at the Lutheran church I camped at. My day would revolve around the opening of the post office. It. Was time to get rid of some gear and I needed to mail the exorbitantly priced backpacking gear home to possibly call upon again in the fall. I was at the small diner right at opening for internet access, coffee and a small breakfast. Then it was off to go through my pack and get everything figured out. Finally the post office opened and my chores were complete and it was on into Lassen National Park. A couple days prior, I had rolled my ankle pretty good and it has been very tender, but luckily on the less rocky trails of Lassen, it was making a turn for the better. By Dakesbad and the hot springs that feed it and up towards marsh. But with standing water this time of year come awful mosquitos and I have more bites on my arms and legs than I can count. Nothing like a good itching to relieve the irritation. It was a shorter day, but if my ankle feels better, there should be some good days to come.

Miles 24

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