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Day 5 – A new desert

The day began early, before the sun crested the 4k’ hills and mountains surrounding the desert floor. The colors were beautiful even for a colorblind person. With 5 liters of water remaining, I trudged on. Before long, I saw something strange on the side of the road. Upon closer inspection I noticed it was a motorcycle and the owner was walking back from a few feet off the road. It was 5:40am in the morning, so I was a little taken aback but we ended up talking for a good 20 minutes about anything and everything. Wes the biker is the first person I have told about my trip while hiking it. He thought it was so cool, then we parted ways for good.

Overall, I smell awful and my clothes are covered in sand and dirt. It’s surprising anyone would talk to me. Upon waking up this morning I noticed a booger on my shirt, so I have seen better days. Luckily, my feet and legs are feeling better today. Only 50 or so miles before I am walking one of the smoothest footpaths in our country. Another notable event of the day is I passed from the Colorado desert, which is a sub-desert of the Sonoran desert, into the Mojave Desert. The landscape is subtly different between the two landscapes with the Mojave being supposedly less hot, which would be a huge blessing! I turned off onto the California hiking and riding trail which will be my ticket to water and out of the National Park.

Miles today: 30

Days without a shower:5

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