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Day 5 in Arizona

After doing laps the last three days over Mt Lemmon and exhausting a 30+ mile stretch of trail with some good vert for training, I finally continued heading south. New landscapes and scenery awaited. Rolling hills after sycamore canyon and golden sunshine greeted me. It was another day of over 30 Miles with some considerable climbing, but at this point, I am just trying to hike down to the southern border and get there as I’m feeling in the best shape possible. This will include another couple decent days and then analyzing how things respond, then eventually going for it. This will be a new type of adventure, and I am just going to embrace the new challenges. Oh! I found some helium balloons that had fallen on the trail today and made some excellent videos after sucking down the helium. They are up on YouTube and Instagram!

Jeff Garmire Training on the Arizona Trail
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