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Day 50 – Rain

The mosquitos were lighter today, but in their place were threatening clouds. They didn’t burst and only pushed me on through the morning. It felt as though I were outrunning the rain. On some downhills I was literally running. The trail was largely smooth and conducive to fast miles. It was cool and there was water at least every 10 Miles. It would have been the perfect day of hiking, but then it started to rain. Since rain this time of year is pretty rare on the PCT, I only have a light wind jacket and a rain skirt. They were my only protection in the precipitation. Looking at the clouds, I wondered if it would ever let up. But then I created a ridge and the rain subsided after a three hour stint. It was actually refreshing to be in the rain after growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Late in the day I came around a corner and saw a buck with velvet on his small antlers. He had no fear of my skinny body despite my flexing. It’s nice to be out in the wild!

Miles 42

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