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Day 51 – Castella

The nights have been warm. Almost too warm. Even with some clouds, I cowboy camped and take my chances under the stars and in the morning in the warmer weather I had no desire to have either hot or cold coffee. Water was the thirst quenching choice and it seemed to catch up with me. After a drop to the Mccloud River and some seesawing in elevation on the trail, my hunger spiked and I ate way too much. It was quickly followed by a crash I attribute both to lack of caffeine and a food coma. Then when I needed it most I arrived at Squaw Valley Creek I took off my clothes and sat in the refreshing water naked. Then I heard footsteps on the nearby bridge. I looked up and a family with small kids appeared. All I could do was sit there and wave. Then the 4 year old girl yelled “Hi” and waved. The parents may be having a conversation about human anatomy sooner than they thought. After a soak in what I thought would be a secluded creek, I was refreshed and began the trudge up Guard Ridge, one of the many slow and methodical climbs in the section. Then the route top an exceptionally slow and meandering path down to interstate 5. For miles it felt as though no elevation was lost. I walked the 2 miles off trail to the gas station for a resupply before hitting the trail again.

Miles 41

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