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Day 52 – Castle Crags

The day this comes out is “National Hike Naked Day,” I won’t make you imagine anything, I just hope I have enough sunscreen.

I find a unique beauty in the Northern California section of this trail. Castle Crags, Trinity Alps and the Russian Wilderness are some of my favorites. But despite the beauty, today I was dragging. I was on the trail by 6am, but my legs were stiff and sluggish. It was further accentuated by a 12 mile climb up to 7k’. The miles were just not easy despite sweeping views of granite, alpine lakes and most notably Mt. Shasta. I attribute it to the third 40 mile day in a row. For a multitude of reasons I have wanted to push myself through these hills and terrain to see how I do. To reestablish a routine and show my body that the mileage will be ramping up on a snow free trail. Other than some cuts and bites, all the injuries have healed. I feel like I have been walking around Mt Shasta forever. Today I headed nearly directly West, despite North being my goal. It definitely does mess with the mind to be noticeably heading a new direction so intently. The mosquitos were not quite as bad, but they were replaced by some of the most annoying giant black flies, of which I made a dent in their population. For a Tuesday there were an unprecedented number of people out hiking, and it was nice to brush up on my social skills. I ended the day above the Majestic Bluff Lake cowboy camping in a bit of a hole. But the end of the day brought a feeling of both accomplishment and content. Another tiny goal complete! How many more 40s can I do in a row? I have no idea. If you know me, you know I am not a planner and just make things workout. So if I feel like hiking 40 miles tomorrow I will, and if not, I may try skinny dipping again and try to wipe off enough dirt to see the true color of my skin. I ended the day hiking under a great sunset before camping under the stars near bluff lake. I felt accomplished and content. I salvaged a great day!

Miles 40

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