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Day 53 – Trinity Alps

Today was hilly! Not much flat and nearly all up and down. None of the hills were too large, but they just kept coming. I was stiff when I woke, but after an abbreviated stretching session, I felt ready to go and also realized at the old age of 27 I need to incorporate more stretching in my days. The weather was a bit strange all day. After it feeling as though it may be on the way arm side all day, I created a ridge and came face to face with thunderheads. Light flashed overhead and the thunder crashed. I was stuck on top of a 7,100’ ridge, which is the worst place to be. So I ran. Then the hail fell, growing to the size of marbles. 30 minutes later it was as if the storm never happen and the heat was back. Another long day of crossing the Trinity Alps wilderness and much more. The views are incredible with mountain silhouettes stretching for miles and Shasta still looming to the east as I complete my near entire trip around her.

Miles 42

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