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Day 55 – Seiad Valley

My phone was dead as was my external charger. I needed to complete the 24 miles to the tiny community of Seiad Valley for both food and power. The trail was straightforward and nearly all downhill on the the way into town. The only complaint was the overgrown nature. It was a pleasant and gentle descent that soon joined a gravel road that turned to a paved road and then a highway. It was a 6 mile road walk with almost half of it being on the dangerous highway 96. There was nowhere to walk and blackberry bushes extended to the road. I crossed the Klamath River and was finally in town. Going from memory I thought the cafe was open until 2. I made it to town at 145 and enjoyed a burger and had all my things charging. A short break to wait out the heat and a resupply before it was right back to the top of the hill. There were other hikers in town. Some that skipped, some that flipped and even some that had hiked straight through. Around 7 I finally left to log a few more miles and setup to make it into Oregon tomorrow.

Miles 30

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