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Day 56 -Oregon

I didn’t feel good all day. My stomach was giving me issue and I did not sleep well. The day turned into a battle. The first goal was to make it into Oregon. Then at that point I wanted to log enough miles to make it to highway 140 in a day and a half. Already devoid of energy, the near continual climb starting the day took all that I had. My legs were on autopilot while my mind mulled over the stomach discomfort. Finally at noon, things felt a little better and the trouble of walking lessened. This is also where the terrain changed from sweeping vistas to a forested corridor. It felt like Oregon. In the early evening I entered the new state after nearly 1,700 miles in California. It was an immediate boost in energy and I hiked until the last light of the day had disappeared. I very poorly resupplies in Seiad Valley, meaning I probably don’t have enough food and what I do have, I don’t love. It will be an interesting day and a half.

Miles 38

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