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Day 58 – Fish Lake

Another day, and another poor night of sleep. It seems I always picks spot on top of hidden rocks or sticks that frustrate me all night. On top of that, my feet have worn down due to running out of duct tape. Most foot issues are caused by friction, and when I feel something going on, I immediately apply duct tape to the area and the problem usually subsides. Without my home remedy, there is little to do but push through the discomfort. It could be a tough day, but I only need to make it 30 miles to fish lake where family will meet me. With my mind only on my foot tenderness, less than a mile into the day, a jet black bear darted across the trail. It was very different in color than the cinnamon colored black bear of Lassen National Park and a good way to think about something other than my feet. The day was warm, but thankfully didn’t rise to the levels of yesterday. Views of Mt Mcgloughlin and lava fields were nice, but I really wanted to finish the 30 miles and take the rest of the day off. There have been lots of miles the last 9 days, and I think a shorter day or two will be nice. My family picked me up at highway 140 where I went back to stay in Shady Cove Oregon. It was a night of eating, drinking and enjoying the company of family. Other than staying up too late, it was exactly what I needed. The days ah ad will have lots of mosquitos, but at least I am starting the section clean and well rested.

Miles 30

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