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Day 62 – Willamette Pass

After a day of napping and a great night of sleep, my body felt functional. In fact it was one of my best night of sleep on trail. The sun woke me up at 5am (since I never use an alarm) and I was up and walking a few minutes later. I crossed Windigo Pass and continued to roll. Today miles were strangely easy. My legs were not cramping or sore like previous days. It was a day of progress. The mosquitos were bad, but I out ran them. Then at Willamette Pass, I met a couple, Diego and Brittany, who were day hiking. They proceeded to offer me anything and everything left from their hike and I walked out of there with wraps and fruit thanks to the kindness. Then the climb to Rosary lakes began. Not a tough climb, but monotonous. A gentle uphill slope for miles while I would have preferred something much steeper as hills are where I smile and excel. I climbed over the gentle crest while swatting mosquitos and camped a couple miles short of Charleston Lake in what would prove to be an awful campsite.

Miles 43

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