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Day 64 – Santiam Pass

It was 28 miles to Santiam Pass and my Aunt was picking me up at 3pm. I had to move quick because I still had a package to pickup from Big Lake Youth Camp. By 10am I entered the spanning lava fields and crossed McKenzie Pass. Then more fist size lava rocks covered the path, eventually leading to more forested trail, although the forest was burned and down logs became hurdles. I wrapped around the west side of Mt Washington and made such good time that I was in no danger of being late when I turned off to Big Lake. Then they offered lunch there and I picked up my package. With a couple hours left of hiking, I picked up the pace and made it to Santiam Pass exactly at 3pm. From there I went with my Aunt back to her house in Salem where we had fajitas for dinner and some friends came over. She is one of the nicest and most generous people and it was so much fun to eat, sip a margarita and catch up!

Miles 28

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