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Day 67 – Mt Hood

It was a warm night and the bugs were not bad enough to warrant setting the tent up. But even with the good conditions I was slow and sluggish all morning. The first half of the day was filled with hills. Gaining 3,000’ net up to Timberline Lodge, across Wapiti Pass and Barlow Pass. The last two miles to the lodge were steep and sandy, with a stiff wind. Sand blew in my face and peppered my exposed skin above treeline. I had the all you can eat lunch buffet at the lodge and watched the endless tourists mulling around before Jules from Cascade Locks arrived with beer and snacks. Unlimited food and beer were the perfect way to prepare for the afternoon of hiking. There was a bit of snow and lots of mud as I crossed the headwaters of multiple rivers beginning at Mt Hood. The trail dropped down to each river crossing and then climbed steeply up the other side. Finally, I left Mt Hood, over Lolo Pass Road pointed toward Cascade Locks. Tomorrow will be my last day in Oregon.

Miles 38

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