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Day 68 – Cascade Locks

The morning was a green tunnel. Then it opened up and the views were plentiful. Sweeping vistas offered sights of Mt Adams, Mt Hood, Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier, and Mt Jefferson. It was incredible to see all these giants of the cascades looming in all directions.the weather was much better than yesterday, but the occasional mosquito still buzzed around. In mosquito paranoia, I was looking over my should to swat one and something in my neck began bothering me. In short I pulled a neck muscle fighting off mosquitos. I ran the last 8 miles downhill to Cascade Locks and was at the Ale House at 3pm, waiting for my parents. As always, the beer was great and they are extremely hiker friendly. My parents arrived and we went back to their place in Vancouver, WA to have salmon for dinner. Tomorrow will be a shorter day as I take the morning off to try to finally fix my phone.

Miles 31

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