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Day 71 – Mt Adams

Think of your past 3 months. Have you woken up every day feeling ready to attack the day? On day 71 of this trek and at about mile 2210, I wasn’t feeling it. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of my sleeping pad. No big deal, because I was going to salvage the day. In 19 miles I could go into Trout Lake and figure out what I wanted to do. So I hiked as hard as I felt comfortable and went into town about noon. The pressure was off and I could now do whatever I wanted. I ordered a burger and a coke, only because a beer would put me to sleep. There was enough grease on the burger to clog half my arteries and it was just what I was hoping for. But, I still did not feel like hiking. I ordered an ice coffee in the 90 degree heat and proceeded to the general store to pick out my favorite snacks. After goldfish and hot Cheetos I didn’t feel like hiking. So I commandeered the WIFI and caught up on some tasks I have put off while sipping a complimentary beer. I wasn’t sure I felt like hiking, but I felt like getting back out into nature. So, I packed out a beer (or two) and got back on the trail with no expectations. I don’t mind a bad day, we all have them, and my bad days are still amazing compared to being stuck behind a computer screen. I vowed I would at least hike far enough to look up at Mt Adams, a mountain I skied off the top of a year and 2 days ago, and after 6 miles and a couple beers I took a break and called a friend to catch up. I was still dragging, but I was content. I pieced together a few more miles below the imposing figure of the awesome mountain I vow to ski off of again and called it a day. It wasn’t a 40 mile day, but I have never done these hikes for records, praise or even to impress myself. I just love the lifestyle and the freedom, simplicity, and flexibility. Overall it was a great day of doing what felt right and enjoying the incredible views of Mt Hood, Mt Adams, Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier. All of which I have stood on the summit of. It was a day of reflection and a day of contentment. I’m not even halfway, if you know me, I will complete this adventure the same way I have completed all my previous, at my own pace, with a sense of joy and gratitude and with a smile on my face.

Miles 34

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