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Day 73 – White Pass

I wasn’t sure what to call today. I finished out the Goat Rocks Wilderness, resupplied at White Pass and entered Mt Rainier National Park. At my preliminary count this makes National Park #5 of the trip. It also finally signals some northward movement through Washington. Until now it was largely an eastern course the trail took. After raining all night, my tent was wet and to top it off, the fog had set in. The clouds accompanied by a stiff wind made the traverses at 7,000’ cold, but after a breakfast and resupply at the White Pass Kracker Barrel, the weather slowly improved. A gentle downhill while fighting off mosquitos then the trail climbed sharply to a stunning sight of a cloud cloaked Mt Rainier. Thus began a litany of short and sometimes steep snow fields. The day had a bit of everything. I did a poor job with the resupply, and only a few hours in, I am expecting to run low on food in route to Snoqualmie Pass.

Miles 35

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