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Day 76 – Snow returns

Leaving Snoqualmie Pass it was a long series of switchbacks into the wilderness where the trail skirted endless mountains between 5k and 7k. Snowfields dotted the agh, most of them large and steep. Room for error was gone and I concentrated on every step. It was a beautiful day, but a difficult one. The real adversity hit after I stopped for a lunch break. I made my usual tortilla wrap, but after eating it something didn’t feel or taste right. I looked at the salami I used and saw it had expired over 3 months ago and the store still sold it to me. My stomach was tender for a few hours but luckily I hadn’t eaten enough to really get sick. I had a good 3 day run of very few mosquitos, but unfortunately at the end of the day they returned in swarms and it was all I could do to eat dinner and set up my tent. The day was an endless battle to keep my morale high in the endless climbs and ascents. It was a difficult day, but a beautiful day. It’s my best guess there will be lots of snow to deal with in the near future.

Miles 42

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