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Day 77 – Stevens Pass

Because I am more cost conscious than lightweight, I have two different mosquito repellents. One that I bought in a pinch and a stronger one that could basically make me glow in the dark. Today the first one that has seemingly never worked completely deterred the mosquitos leaving Stevens Pass. It was a bit of a miracle since I have been wondering why I am carrying it, yet have been hesitant to get rid of it since it cost $10 at a backcountry resort. Well, I coated it on like cheap perfume and it worked to finish out the day today. The day started with hoards of mosquitos as well. It pushed me to hike fast. Over Piper Pass, over countless hills, snow and by many southbound hikers. I am so close to turning onto the Pacific Northwest Trail that I am getting excited. One hiker shook my hand saying I was the first northbounder and another had been following me for a couple years. It was cool but a bit weird since I am literally alone in the woods most the time. It was a hard push to make it to Stevens Pass and a long 30 Miles by 4pm, but I didn’t want the ski resort to be closed. I took a long break to charge things and have a very minor resupply. Now it’s off to Glacier Peak where the snow should be substantial. A good time and beautiful scenery looms.

Miles 37

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