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Day 79 – Glacier Peak

Three climbs and descents made up the day. Three, 3,000’ foot climbs and descents with some smaller rollers mixed. It was a warm morning and it was already sweating on the way over Fire Creek Pass. I met two other hikers on top of the very snowy Pass with frozen lakes and quickly gave away all the elevation I had worked so hard to gain down to Milk Creek. Then the next 3k climb began. Up to over 6,000 feet in elevation again. More snow and sweeping views of the North Cascades award and Glacier Peak to the South. The trail meandered a bit up high before dropping down to the Suattle River at 2,318 feet of elevation. On the second descent major chaffing began. It was not what I had hoped to feel while closing out the day. Then only one climb remained. One climb after 30 Miles of drastic elevation changes. From 2,300 feet at the Suattle River crossing the climb up to 6,000’ began. I was sweating profusely. Almost like a cartoon character or the scene in airplane. It was an 8 mile climb, not steep, but continuous with few views until the top. With 3 miles to go I almost took a break, but a surge of energy hit and I powered up the remaining slope. From there I skirted some snow and slowly descended another 5 Miles to make it another giant day. A day as hard as any I have done in quite some time.

Miles 43

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