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Day 8 – Benedryl

I was hiking by 6am. Which is actually a bit later than normal. But I pushed hard through 20 miles, two empty water caches and lots of people before noon. This trail has grown in popularity exponentially since I first hiked it in 2011. The initial plan was to forego a trip into Big Bear City, to setup myself for some hot springs tomorrow (do I count them as a shower?). But midway through the 20 miles a spot on my thigh started bothering me. One of the many bee stings from yesterday had swollen, turned red and yellow and was quite a pain. I took the one benedryl I had, but nothing changed by the time I hit the highway. So I took a quick trip in for more antihistamine. Within 2 hours I was back on the trail and hiking with incredible views of Big Bear Lake below. It was nice to take the trip into town because I could pack out one of my favorite things to bring on trail: Avocados. Here is how my day broke down…

-6am – 11:54am: 20 miles hiked

-2:45pm – 7:20pm: 14 miles hiked

It was a very good paced and productive day minus the trip into town. But it was necessary. Tomorrow has only 28 miles to the hot springs.

Days since a shower: do you even want to know?

Miles: 34

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