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Day 80 – Rainy Pass

After 125 miles and 40k’ of elevation gain over the last 72 hours my legs are pretty tired. But, my body responded exactly how I hoped and was up for the challenge. It was a good gauge to see what the last 80 days have turned me into. I have 60 mil a left on the Pacific Crest Trail before turning off on the Pacific Northwest Trail and heading East. I woke up feeling mentally rested, but physically stiff. Two long days chalked full of elevation will do that to the legs. But it was a peaceful morning jaunt towards high bridge. The huckleberries were out and proved to be a speed bump. Fresh fruit is hard to come by and I ate countless handfuls for breakfast. I crossed high bridge and could have gone into Stehekin, but my sights were set on Rainy Pass. New shoes were waiting for me in Mazama for my transition to the Pacific Northwest Trail. It was a hard and hot 17 miles. I even got a headache, seemingly from not drinking enough water. I finally arrived at the Pass and was given a quick ride. The store was closed and my ride was an older man who needed to load a motorcycle into his truck, so I decided to help him. Then it was off to Ravensongs’ Cabin, a local trail angel to camp. Tomorrow I will get my shoes and hopefully lots of food for a 200 mile stretch.

Miles 34

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