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Day 82 – The Pacific Northwest Trail

Yesterday was my shortest day in quite some time and I even stopped early. What was great about it was the great night of sleep I got. It was probably my best night of sleep in months. I woke up early and was as recharged and energetic as the day I started. I was quickly over Methow Pass and Glacier Pass and walking the ridges to to area Hart’s Pass. At the last road crossing of the Pacific Crest Trail I took a quick break, but was full of excitement so I took off. I flew through the passes and finally arrived at the right turn I have been thinking so much about. With well over a third of my route complete, I made the turn onto the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) and continued through the Pasayten Wilderness. I will follow this trail for about 700 Miles to Glacier National Park, where I will make another right turn and hit as South on the Continental Divide Trail. I really felt the impact of a perfect night of sleep, and may make more of a point to stay rested moving forward. Sometimes it is just hard with the days being so long up here, within 5 miles of the Canadian border. The feeling of pure bliss was a big part of today. I hiked a landmark and tangible progress has been made. It is an amazing feeling! The awful mosquitos can’t even ruin my mood.

Miles 56

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