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Day 83 – The Pasayten

It is so wild and rugged out here. It took hours to clamber over logs and fight through a burn areas, trying to stick to the faintest of trails. Sometimes the trail disappeared and it was true cross country travel. I crossed the Pasayten River first thing in the morning and was a bit overwhelmed after underestimating the thigh deep raging waters. Then the burn walk continued. Gone are the days of the groomed PCT. Now I have to fight for every mile and stay alert to keep on route. It is a different kind of hiking. It took 5 hours to complete the first 10 miles and 4 more for the next ten. I worked harder than I have in the Sierra, climbing over under and around literally thousands of burned logs. My arms, hands and legs are black as a result. Finally late in the day I escaped the burn and hiking was immensely easier. I crossed the magnificent Cathedral Pass, with sheer pointed rock cliffs dotting the Pass. It was magnificent. Cathedral Pass is also the highest spot on the PNT. Strangely, I saw three hikers today. One hiking the whole PNT and two that I had met through the long distance hiking community. One is actually(or used to be) is he Vice President of the American Long Distance Hiking Association – West. It was cool to see them and unexpected. To say I am worn out is an understatement after today.

Miles 39

Total trip miles 2,689

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