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Day 86

Yesterday was one of my most productive hotel stays in a town. I did laundry, took 2 showers and now feel like a new man. I finally left the hotel at 7 with some extra coffee in my cup and began the 3 mile road walk on highway 97 out of town. If you combine gravel and paved roads, the roadwalking the last two days might be close to 40 Miles. After climbing a cliff two days ago, my arms are still very sore. One fall was on my left shoulder and with 48 hours of rest, it doesn’t feel any better. Hopefully it heals soon, at least I am sure nothing is broken. I have never had a massage, but I imagine this is what they are for. After I left the road, the rugged trail began. It was more like a double track dirt road than anything, but either way I gained lots of the altitude. A series of old roads made up most of the day, and while on one I saw a little cinnamon colored black bear. I walked behind some brush to get a better view, but when I came around the other side, the bear had disappeared. I am sure I will see more. I finished the day above Bonaparte Lake, on the shoulder of Bonaparte Mountain. The mosquitos are back and are extremely unwelcome.

Miles 42

Total route miles 2790

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