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Day 9 – Hot Springs

This morning I wanted to see how fast I could pack up and hike, just for the fun of it. Starting from inside my sleeping bag, I had everything packed up and I was hiking in 11 minutes. If I had been cowboy camping (without a tent and under the stars) I imagine it would have been even quicker. So that was my game to start the day! Then it was pushing as quickly as possible to get to Deep Creek Hot Springs. I wanted to finish the 28 miles by mid afternoon to get to relax and recover all evening and night. The plan worked flawlessly and at the hot springs, the story was the people.

There were all types at the clothing optional natural hot springs. Unfortunately the wrong people took the clothing less option. Party Boy is a hiker from 2016 who was hanging out there, I also met starburst, Hoosier Daddy, Oprah, Pacemaker, Guy 5, and countless others. There are of course trail names earned for various reason and stick for the entire trail. It was a good day in which I treated myself to two dinners!

The other notable event of the day is I ripped a hole in the crotch of my shorts today. And no it was not to fit in more at the hot springs. So if anyone has any suggestions on durable outdoor shorts I’m all ears.

Does the hot springs count as a shower?

Miles hiked 28

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