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Day 90 – some kind of sick

Today I felt even worse than yesterday. My body is sore and achy, almost like a flu. And I have no hunger. Only an unquenchable thirst, fever and digestive issues. Luckily, it was a smooth day, with a gradual descent to the Kettle River and then a gradual climb through an active logging area of Colville National Forest. I fought through the day, to put myself in position to make the post office tomorrow, but it was a struggle. Not to mention every time I took a break longer than a couple minutes, half a dozen yellow jackets swarmed. I hobbled from 5am to 7pm and salvaged the day. Hopefully my body improves soon. While walking the dusty logging roads, I talked to cows and a couple truck drivers. One told me I was crazy for not carrying a gun, but also gave me ice water, while the other was thoroughly interested in the trail and the route. It is a different world out here. One where a gun is more important than a car to most residents. I feel awful tonight. Hopefully there is some improvement tomorrow.

Miles 32

Total miles 2926

This is the trail, following the “route” of a long abandoned forest service road.

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