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Day 91 – Northport

I woke up not feeling any worse than yesterday. Which for a morning recently is a good sign. It was all downhill to Northport and after 10 gravel road miles I was crossing the Columbia River. It was going to hit 100 today, so after hitting the post office, I waiting it out for some of the afternoon in a local restaurant with free refills on ice water. Then I left town and began the true asphalt road walk out of town. I would be well acquainted with this road. With only a small break, it will be mostly road to Metaline Falls. I remember this section well from 2014. For the first time in days, I don’t feel worse. Hopefully this illness is improving. Hopefully this is the last day of rest. Lightning is in the area and I need to get ahead of it. Late in the day while road walking a local offered to let me camp in his yard. It was exactly what I was hoping for since there were few other places to camp on the highway. I feel awful still, so I hope it improves after this.

Miles 22

Total miles 2948

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