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Day 97 – Feist Creek

I was back on the trail around 11am. Despite the rest, the energy was still not there. The trail climbed over Bussard Mountain and then dropped right back down 5k’ to the Moyie River. The trail was perfect, well maintained and free of deadfall. Some of the best of this section! On the river is the Feist Creek Falls Resort, and I decided to have an early dinner. In looking through the hiker book (where hikers passing through sign) I found my name from 4 years ago. I also found a post card I send them when I finished the trail. Amazing how time flies! I left the resort and began the hike up to Ruby Ridge. It’s essentially the same climb that I did and descended to begin the day. Up and down through the Purcell Mountains. I am about ready to get to Montana, and it is right around the corner.

Miles 20

Total miles 3104

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