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Day 99 – Kootenai

Today was filled with roads, hills, bushwhacking and exhaustion. From upper Yaak Road, the route wound through the large forest but my eyes were often pointed up. Thunderstorms circled all day, and countless times I would walk an overgrown road or trail in which the surrounding vegetation was wet from a thunderstorm. Miraculously it never rained on me. I seemed to continually be ahead or behind the storm and other than wet feet I was dry. After going over many different mountains, I topped out on Webb Mountain. From here it was a 4k’ drop to the Kootenai river on Koocanusa Lake. This is a 93 mile long lake created by a dam and my first trip around it involves many miles of road walking. For sleep last night I slept under the highway at an underpass.

Miles 36

Miles 3176

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