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OHT Day 2

We have the whole trail to ourselves. The OHT rarely crosses roads and remains in the Arkansas hills. The forward are a mixture of leafless deciduous and the occasional evergreen trees. White trail deer are everywhere with spottings of turkeys, armadillo, and people do say that small bears live out here too. The name “highlands” does not disappoint. The climbs are ever present with spectacular views at the top. The benefit of trees with no leaves is that you can see through them for miles.

The morning was cold and our start was not quick. But, it warmed up very quickly. Soon the climbs were hot and the water crossings were welcome. Mid day we came to a small river and decided to call it lunch. On a large slab rock on the banks of the water we took our break. I haven’t seen my friend lol Buddha in 11 years. We talk on the phone often, but hiking together and catching up on the trails was even better!

This trail is perfect. It is well maintained with just enough dead trees laying across the trail to help maintain flexibility throughout the day. The ups and downs can be moderate but the trail is defined and marked with white blazes. A bed of leaves provides a fantastic walking surface. Overall I have quite enjoyed my time out here. There is plenty of quality water sources and numerous places to camp.

At the end of the day Buddha adamently said he was as going to jump in the river. I followed him down to witness what I was sure wouldn’t happen. We got down there and he immediately complained at how cold the water was. In the end he did little more than wash his face. The water sources on the Ozark Highlands Trail have been much colder than I expected

The Ozark Highland Trail
The Ozark Highland Trail

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