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OHT Day 1

Day 1 OHT

I am back out in Arkansas. I am not quite sure what this adventure will entail, but it is beginning with a thru hike of the Ozark Highland Trail. No one knows how long this trail is. It could be 165 or it could be 254. But either way I am excited to be back out here after hiking the Ouachita Trail about a year ago. This time a good friend Lil Buddha is joining me for at least half of the trail.

We stayed overnight in Fort Smith and then another hiker, Lightning, helped shuttle cars and get us to the western terminus. And then we were off. It was monotonous around Lake Shepherd Spring but the sun was out. Then the wet crossings began. Our feet got wet twice in a couple of miles and we began to see icicles hanging on the sides of the hills. It had been cold recently. A week ago it snowed.

After seeing an armadillo and some deer, we climbed into the true highlands and had a great view of the sunset. With our goal being a campspot 17 miles into the day, we pushed into the chilly night and arrived before 8. Day 1 was a great one.

The start of the Ozark Highland Trail
The start of the Ozark Highland Trail

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