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Day 2 – Low Gap

The morning sun revealed a body sore from the previous day's exertion, a testament to the physical toll of pushing oneself. Attempting a simple stretch, I found my flexibility limited, my body both sore and stiff. Taking my time to get sorted, I hit the trail around 9:45, not the early start I aimed for but a deliberate choice to ease into the day's substantial walking.

Midday, I encountered an older hiker to whom I happily bestowed a trail name. The trail unfolded, introducing me to a diverse array of fellow trekkers, each with their own journey. Approaching Blood Mountain, the crowd shifted, becoming younger and more aligned with my age group. The 2.5-mile hike to the summit revealed a decent-sized group, all making the ascent on this particular day.

A much-needed break brought a mashed-potato-based lunch, though barely edible, it fueled my next leg of the journey. Changing socks and pressing forward, I reached Neel's Gap. Gear needs surfaced, yet the outfitter on site lacked the specific items I sought. Undeterred, I continued, eyeing Low Gap shelter as my camping spot, strategically positioning myself for a Super Bowl rendezvous in Helen, Georgia.

Upon reaching Low Gap, I found friendly weekend hikers and a few curious mice exploring the shelter's surroundings. Nightfall came swiftly, signaling bedtime as I prepared for a challenging day ahead — aiming to cover 20 miles before catching the Super Bowl action. The trail's trials and the promise of a celebratory Super Bowl added a unique twist. 🏞️🥾 #TrailLife #HikingAdventure #SuperBowlOnTheTrail

Blood Mountain on the Calendar Year Triple Crown
Blood Mountain on the Calendar Year Triple Crown

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