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Day 251-the set up

CDT day 79-Miles Hiked today: 40

CDT total distance traveled: 2730

Total trail miles: 7610

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: high

Favorite s meal: dehydrated enchilada casserole Please donate to the cause I am hiking for (Suicide Prevention) here: Donate here Today was a tough day. I wanted to put in as many miles as possible to make finishing tomorrow as simple as possible. This meant a 40 mile day across the trail-less desert. I had a lot of problems with cacti poking through my shoes. So much so that I finally just duct taped them up as much as possible to close up the mesh. This limited the thorns by meant my feet sweat. I can’t win with some things. Lots of Joshua trees, shrubs, tumble weed and cacti out here. Where I camped is actually interesting. I camped near the highway I have to hike back out to tomorrow to make it to civilization. I get to walk these 26 miles twice, once each way! It is interesting out here in the desert because there are giant valleys or plains framed by some small mountains. Walking across each of these desert plains takes a few hours so you can see the terrain for many hours ahead of you at one time. If I wasn’t so close to the end this might mess with me. If you reassess every hour it won’t look like you made any progress. Even the actual hiking isn’t straight forward. There are clumps of bushes and cacti with small (1 foot wide) paths around them. So walking the trail is not linear but more like the circuitous coil of a snake.

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