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Day 250-The last town

CDT day 78-Miles Hiked today: 35

CDT total distance traveled: 2690

Total trail miles: 7570

Avg temps: 80s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: sausage bean soup Please donate to the cause I am hiking for (Suicide Prevention) here: Donate here The sunrise was beautiful but the desert walking was not. There is no trail out here just a series of signs to follow. Every 100 yards there is a post that marks the trail. Getting between those posts is a personal problem marked with cacti, sagebrush and collapsing tunnels under the ground. Twice throughout the morning I had to take the time to sit down, pull off my shoes and socks and dethorn them before continuing. Eventually I made it in to lordsburg. This is my last resupply and town of the trail so by now I had the drill down. I got my package from the post office and then walked the short distance to McDonald’s to use their free wifi and transfer the box contents to my pack. After a long long and too much soda I got the trail only to get blasted by the hottest weather I have had in weeks, maybe months. I disposed of my base layer quickly and did my best to stay hydrated my. I was sweating like striker in the movie airplane. Eventually the old road I was walking ended and the rest of the day was spent just like the morning. The days are so short now that I have been hiking some after dark. With this full moon I was able to hike without any light. At one pint sting this night hike I heard the Whinny of a bourse way too close. If you have been following you know horses make me a bit uneasy, especially the wild ones. This one was no different. Every 5 minutes I would hear him but couldn’t see him. I didn’t want to camp near him so I walked to the next fence crossing before setting up camp and sleeping soundly.

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