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Day 69 – Washington

Today had a little bit of everything. It began with a giant breakfast courtesy of my mom and including bacon, eggs, fruit and coffee. I wish I could start with a breakfast like that every day. Then it was time to fix my phone. I went into Portland, dropped it off, replaced a couple small gear items and went back to pick it up. The problem seemed to be fixed. A huge wave of relief washed over me. Now that I was good to go, my parents dropped me back off in the Columbia River Gorge and I was hiking north again. Washington has begun. It was very hot and the route crossed a litany of logging roads, clear cuts and power lines. I was sweating profusely and also seeing lots of other people out enjoying their Friday. I salvaged the day with 20 miles but more importantly, my phone is fixed and hopefully it continues to work.

Miles 20

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