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Day 78 – Alpine Meadows

The weather has been amazingly good. Almost too hot, but since hiking in a Washington heat is easier than a Washington rain, I don’t have much room to complain. I have been sleeping with my quilt unzipped and used as a blanket. This far north the days are extremely long as well. I n get use an alarm and was woken up by the rising sun before 5am. Then the hills, snow and bugs began. I pushed up 1k climbs and descents continually while trying to out in the mosquitos. Many of the southbound hikers out here are sporting head nets. Me, I am in a short sleeve shirt with a bandana under my hat to protect my neck. My pack is also too heavy since I have swung the other way after running out of food on a previous section. It is all still wonderful. Mosquitos and all, sweeping views of jagged snow covered mountains and Glacier Peak awaiting my arrival bring a smile to my face. I am excited at the thought of non stop eating the next few days and the remoteness of hiking around Glacier Peak with massive climbs and descents. Overall it was an awesome day. With a bit over 20 miles done I met a ranger took a break and Lake Sally Ann, and then the day became spectacular. High Alpine meadows were everywhere, as if I were frolicking through the sound of music. A final climb over 6,200’ and then a giant drop to Kennedy Creek. A drop in elevation I will make up for and more tomorrow morning. Speaking of tomorrow: it will be one of my most difficult with multiple climbs and descents eclipsing 3k’ around Glacier Peak and riddled with snow. Today was a great day and I am excited for the challenge!

Miles 43

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